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Meet Bart Hope, EXIT Realty Specialist and Property Manager

Dear Property Owner,

Thank you for considering Bart Hope of Exit Realty Professionals as your property manager. Bart Hope’s team and staff strive to give you the most professional service available in Hampton Roads, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach and all surrounding areas.

Our commitment is to always do what is best for your investment property. That commitment comes with over 30 years of property management experience. Bart bought his first duplex at age 19 and has been an active investor ever since. He knows exactly what it takes to get, screen, and keep good tenants. He understands how hard you have worked to invest in this property and will work hard to maximize your profit potential.

We are one of the most technologically advanced property management teams in Hampton Roads, while also being “the most hands on”. Whether you are across town, or stationed overseas, we will manage your property as if it were our own. All tenants are carefully and thoroughly screened. We have not had a formal eviction, on a tenant I accepted, in over 9 years. Bart has personally written dozens of “special addendums and a complete Tenant’s Handbook” used in conjunction with the standard Virginia Association of Realtors lease. Extensive time is spent counseling each tenant as to exactly what their responsibilities will be before they move into your property.

We have specialists in all fields available to handle any maintenance issues that might arise. These repair people have been chosen due to their reliability and reasonable fees. They are also required to be completely licensed and insured. Cumulative monthly and year end reports, that you can access 24/7, make your accountant’s job a breeze with all the detailed information needed for your income tax preparation.

For a complete explanation of our services, fees, and copies of our Property Management Agreement, Rental Agreement and our Tenant’s Handbook, just request a complete proposal by emailing me at work@BartHope.com After 30 years of experience managing properties for other people, my philosophy is simple, “The key to making money on rental properties is comprehensive tenant screening and counseling. We only allow good tenants. Period!”

Please call us directly to request a complete Property Management Proposal. We look forward to serving you.

Bart Hope

Property Manager
Exit Realty Professionals

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